Friday, December 7, 2007

september: ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace I'm going through

Every business school teaches Change Management. In psychology, there’s the Paradoxical Theory of Change. And there’s over 3 million google hits associated with Emotional Change. As people, change is around – and within – all of us.

Fear. Anticipation. Shock. Acceptance. Dread. In September, the ninth chapter of Today at the Mission, we see how our reactions to change can be impacted by having a relationship with Christ.

There’s a swirling vortex of forces at work in all of this.
At the Mission, [rhymes with kerouac] is exposed to dramatic change on a daily basis. Job loss. Death. Loss of Funding. Moving. Job creation. New friends. Not to mention changes in one’s perspective… and views towards life.

And even in the most dire situations, [rwk] can express hope. I can hardly wait… I like not knowing what’s next… Lord, you’re just going to have to provide today… You see day in and day out that there is a peace that comes when you’re with Christ.

* * * *

Last month, a company that employs a lot of people in our area announced that they were cutting 1,500 jobs and this week I began to get emails from some friends who were advised to pack up and go home. And reading this chapter, it made me think… what must it be like to deal with a job loss when you don’t have a relationship with Christ? How does one deal with dramatic change when Jesus isn’t there by your side?

Two years ago when I came home and told my wife I no longer had a job (why does that always happen in December?) I remember that we were both overwhelmed by an amazing sense of peace… we could practically feel it like a wave coming in through the window. It was Jesus, reminding us that God takes care of the birds in the air, who do not reap and sow, and He would most certainly find a way to feed us, too.

Compare that to this month’s story of the homeless man who complained about everything… and a year later, when he is now driving around with a paid job, [rwk] runs into him only to find out he is miserable. For without God, even good change is unsatisfying.

Somewhere along the line we have to consider the reality that without a transformation – without Christ having a sway in a person’s heart – some of our clients may overcome homelessness, but will always be homeless people.

In business school they teach about change management – like you need to get out in front, stay in control and constantly steer the ship. [rwk] reminds is that sometimes it’s better simply to sit back and anticipate the changes that are to come – the changes we can’t control.

And though I sense we may not be ready for that hidden, secret thing God wants us to do… I can hardly wait.

Now that’s strange fascination… or not?


Anonymous said...

can i read the book next?

Anonymous said...

just kidding on borrowing the book...i will be picking up a copy soon. sure has been good to read your posts regarding your trip through it.

youngest daughter's 11th b-day today. to friends over for the night...much talking and giggling.
time to get them to sleep.

have a good sunday.

Kansas Bob said...

Always good to remember that there is only One who changes not.. every other living thing either changes or dies.

Ed G. said...

nancy... my youngest daughter turns 11 next month, so I can relate.