Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the second christmas: gasper

While much has been written about the first Christmas, the retelling of the second Christmas has been a mystery, until now…

Note to journal: Travels this past year have taken me further than expected. I have never been so tired… but inside am invigorated, as if I’ve sipped cool water from an enigmatic well – so deep, and so refreshing.

This evening as I ponder the heavens… I wonder from where all these stars have come. I’ve checked my drawings and it’s true… there are more lights in the sky now than ever before. Have the skies changed before me? Or is it simply that I see more clearly now? This phenomenon started, I know, with that one star… many months ago.

As I reflect on this year, I traveled in search of knowledge but came home with a sense of how little I truly know. Questions abound. I am giddy to this day… unable to concentrate… unable to sure… confident only of a single fact, that nothing is the same. And that, I think, is good. G.

… to be continued…

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