Tuesday, February 23, 2010

40 days of thanks, prayer and praise

Recently have been "micro-blogging" via my facebook status. To prepare my heart, mind and soul for the celebration of Good Friday and Easter, am in the midst of "40 days of thanks, prayer and praise".

What I like about Facebook is that it allows my friends from all walks of life (and all walks of faith) to connect. You are joining this show in progress...

Day 6. On days like today, when I do not have the strength or desire to forgive myself, I can only sit in awe of God’s mercy – and how it flows with no limit. Praise the Lord!

Day 5. Let’s pray for the healers. Doctors, social workers, ministers, nurses, counselors – heal our bodies, our relationships, our spirits. May you persevere and find great joy in your work.

Day 4. My sword and shield serve as both trade and hobby, with the power to compel, entertain, unite and divide. Born from heart and mind, few gifts are as versatile or everlasting. Today I give thanks for the written word.

Day 3. Eyes open, I was struck by the beauty of this world. Snow radiating from treetops in the morning light. Shapes. Colors. Patterns. The ways depth and dimension dance while in motion. Praise to the Lord for beauty.

Day 2. A friend did not want to get out of bed this morning. He suffers from depression and that makes my heart ache. So I pray that he be blessed with courage. The courage to take one small step, so that one step may lead to another, until he is walking, running, flying, soaring.

Day 1. Yesterday’s tomorrow offers a clean slate, new hope. The confidence of the rising sun reminds me that I can still become the man I want to be. I am thankful for the fresh start. I give thanks for today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

the truth shall set you free

In the Book of Samuel, one thing becomes clear early on.

There is always someone ready to step up. Someone is always willing to do it God’s way. When one person stumbles and falls, another is already standing tall. Eli, Samuel, Saul, David.

The question, of course, why not me?

Why am I not the one who is willing to do it God’s way? Why do I always play the part of the one who stumbles and falls, and never the one who stands tall?

What would I need to give up in order to do it God’s way?

• regret
• selfishness
• anger
• pride
• laziness
• close-mindedness
• over-indulgence

Honestly, there is nothing on this list I want to keep. I want to be free.

Today’s a good day to be free.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Reading Samuel and Samuel 2

Have spent the last few months with the Books of Samuel.

Here are the facts: these readings make be less excited about David, less excited about the Bible and less excited about God.

While I would prefer to leave these behind me and start something new, I feel compelled to go back to the beginning and start reading anew.

Any thoughts, guidance, resources, tips most welcome.