Sunday, June 14, 2009

will you stay through the 9th?

We left the Yankee game on Saturday after the eight inning. Our beloved Yankees were trailing the cross-town Mets 2-6 and from what we had seen so far that day, a 9th inning rally was unlikely. Our lack-of-faith proved accurate as the Yanks went down quietly 1-2-3 as we made it out of the parking lot and were already on our way home.

Sure, it’s possible they could have staged an amazing rally – and we would have missed it by leaving early – it just seemed unlikely.

You see that lack-of-faith among players some times, too. They are so far down in a series or so far behind in a particular game that they just go through the motions… waiting for the clock to run out. The eventual loss is inevitable.

This came to mind this morning as our pastor spoke about the ongoing battle between the spirit and the flesh. What the heart desires vs. the acts of selfishness, laziness and gratification. You see… that battle has been going on daily within me. And the flesh has been on a good winning streak of late. While there have certainly been some victories and runs scored for the spirit, when I look back I get the sense that the flesh has gone undefeated for the past 18 months. That’s 0-18 for the good guys.

What’s worse, I have come to expect defeat. And I start each day waiting for the loss. Going through the motions, in what has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Losing becomes inevitable. And that kind of thinking only makes the outcome more likely.

I know the momentum can shift at any time. I’m just not helping the cause very much. But I pray that you won’t leave this game before it’s over. Is there any hope for a rally?