Thursday, December 20, 2007

the second christmas: joseph

While much has been written about the first Christmas, the retelling of the second Christmas has been a mystery, until now…

O LORD, why have the winds grown still?

For months, I could see you, hear you, feel you. You brought me through troubled times, to a distant land, with a wife and a child. Never before had I made such bold decisions with such confidence, a confidence born by your hand.

But now LORD, as the commotion settles, I long to hear from you again in such concrete ways— to know what is next—and how I can serve you best. But my dreams are no longer clear. Your voice no longer loud. I am far from your Holy Lands, far from the temple of my youth, alone with my wife, a child and your Word.

Troubling news reached me today, as I heard reports of the children of Bethlehem, slaughtered by a ruthless king. And I could only wonder, LORD, whether more will die in the name of our Jesus. And whether I will be among them. For I would be willing.

For as the winds have grown still, and the songs of the angels muted, I am hearing for the first time the cries of the earth. And tonight, as I light a candle for the world to see, O LORD, your humble servant holds in his arms our salvation.

… to be continued...


Pat said...

This is great, don't stop.

Querida said...

Interesting to know.