Monday, December 10, 2007

october: two for one

Two blogs. Two ministries. One amazing God.

This past week I read two posts, written in different countries in separate years, that somehow seem connected. One from Bumbling Forward, one from the October chapter of Today at the Mission. Can you guess which is which?

* * * * *
There is within me, a discontent. I cannot label it or quantify it. At the same time this discontent feels somehow holy. It feels right. It has driven me deep into thought. The thoughts have begun to drive me into areas of prayer not before encountered. I want this discontent to stop. I want this discontent to last.
* * * * *
There’s a sense of peace to my life and yet, paradoxically, anger as well, a sense of building and creating and yet a feeling of things unraveling, things that cannot be seen, only known. There’s nothing for it, perhaps, but to sit and wait on God.
* * ** *

The net takeaway: when you focus your heart on God, you can sense that the Spirit is always moving… bringing holiness to discontent… anger to peace. But never sitting still.


wilsonian said...


(and it would be unfair of me to guess :)

Anonymous said...

what a good post.

i have not seen "bumbling forward" blog before. nice to read that post. discontent...interesting way to look at it.

i guessed that the word "paradoxically" would be uesd by rwk before i looked...and that he would not necessarily use the word "discontent" or word something in such a way as "not before encountered". so i used the writing style much more than what was being said.