Wednesday, December 5, 2007

new rules at cross the road

The church is under attack. And the attacker is us.

Have you been reading the faith-based blogs recently? Seems like everyone has something bad to say about the Mega Emergelical Cathlican Post-Baptheran church we all go to.

Not that any readers of this blog fit that profile… but you know who I am talking about.

And it makes you wonder… is any of this helping to spread the Word? How do these my-way-is-better-you-hypocrite pot shots help share God’s love? It’s no wonder so many of my friends go running the other way when you mention the word ‘church’.

Now open discussion is important. We must also hold each other accountable. But there’s gotta be a more constructive way. So as of today, there are some new rules over here at cross the road.

1. I’ll focus on the big-C church.
Instead of writing about what you-as-a-church need to do better, there’s plenty that we-as-a-Church can be doing. When I recognize that I am part of the problem, then it’s easier to see how I can be part of the solution.

2. If I have a problem with someone, I’ll let them know.
If I have an issue with what someone said or did, I won’t gossip behind their virtual backs. (But I will fill you in on what you said to them directly, so you still get all the dirt!) And none of that “they are public figures so it’s ok to trash them” stuff.

3. I’ll recognize the value of a kidney.
In my church, it’s clear that some people are good prayers, others are good with kids, some are excellent teachers, great encouragers, tremendous servants, etc. And we always say “we are all important parts of the body” and we value each individual gift. Why then do we expect each local church or denomination to be a full body in themselves? Perhaps we can value the individual gifts each small-c church brings to the big-c party.

4. I’ll make it personal.
Like most bloggers, I have plenty of opinions and love to express them. But unless I can make something personal in some way, it’s probably not worth writing about. What can I learn from this… what can I do differently… how has this changed my thinking... affect me personally. I may know for a fact that you butter your toast incorrectly, but is it necessary for me to express that viewpoint? Probably not.

5. I’ll follow the 80/20 rule.
There are plenty of faults with us Christians… and we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. But if I find that I must point out something negative about another believer or group of believers, then I’ll have to take the time to highlight four other things that followers of Christ are doing to bring His glory to life. And believe me, there’s plenty to write about!

These don’t have to be your rules… but I’m going to give it a shot. And please, let me know if I ever fall back into old habits. Let’s go people… we have a job to do!

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Anonymous said...

i am guilty of being down on churches in the past, when i was looking and wondering where to go. my questions are still being answered. however, i have thought about this.

yes, i am learning as well about what i say about the church, in which i also call the body of Christ. i am beginning to see how the whole body is connected through the Holy Spirit. As we can not see this connection, makes it a bit confusing to some of us at times i think. I came finally to rest on a point that there are many people in the body, we can not see the connection with everyone with our eyes, but only with our hearts. and physically we can only gather so many people together at one time. anyway, as i was saying i started to see church as the body of Christ, and i also started to see my self as a vessel that carries God, so i see my self as a part of the body with in me...or the chruch in me. and the fact that i can move about physically at this point and can take the church or through Jesus can be a vessel for God to work beyond the walls of a building.

so,anyway, i like to find value in any gathering or person that is living for the Lord. i like to focus on the body of Christ being His church and body with Him as the head. Jesus, our leader our King. i like to focus on the connection by the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, that we all have in His body.

i realize that the personal relationship with God and those that are in our own life and neighborhood are relationships that are important to God as well as the ones that are on a grander scale such as the body of Christ and all of the people in the world.

and a far as those in need, i realize that some have greater physical or mental need of help than others, but the need Jesus is the Greatest need for our soul, and everyone has that need of God. so, every person, no matter who they are, or what they do or do not have...are in need.

and so, we should lift one another up in prayer, caring, and Love.

thank you for your good post.
as you can see it is very
thought provoking.