Friday, December 28, 2007

december: god unpacked

About eight weeks ago, wilsonian sent me a copy of Today at the Mission, the daily journal of cook in a homeless shelter that could be anywhere or everywhere.

At just over 100 pages, it may surprise you that it has taken me so long to finish. But you know, there’s a lot packed into these pages. The author [rhymes with kerouac] not only opens up a world that I admit is for the most part foreign to me, he also opens up his soul – and in doing so gives you a glimpse into God at work. And what amazing work it is.

In the month of December, [rwk] invests four posts on a single passage of scripture, John 9:1-5.
“Rabbi,” his disciples asked him, “why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?”
By asking what seemed like an innocent question, the disciples demonstrated the same lack of understanding that I myself often exhibit today: making judgments about people based on their situation on this earth. It doesn’t always have to be such dramatic circumstances such as being blind, a beggar or homeless. It doesn’t take much for me to think “gee, look what’s wrong with this person.”

Maybe, perhaps, if I can blame you for what’s wrong in your life, then I can take credit for what’s wonderful in my life. Like “I must be doing something great for God to be rewarding me.” Like there’s anything I could do to earn God’s love. His mercy. His love.

But no. It just takes some work to reach the point where you can open your eyes and see that God’s love, mercy and grace is independent of anything I can do or say.

[rwk] spends four posts on this topic, and I bet I could spend 20 more in response. You see, there’s a lot packed into those words in the Bible. Think about it: the average Gospel is 25 pages. Twenty-five pages.

For Christmas, my brother gave me a book – a biography of Walt Disney. 851 pages.

Now Walt is a pretty cool guy, but compared to Jesus it’s just a Mickey Mouse story. And yet, God found a way to communicate everything he needed to tell us in just 25 pages. Makes you realize… these aren’t just ordinary words. And like Today at the Mission, it takes some time to unpack it all.

So now I add Today at the Mission to my blog roll, as there is still so much more to unpack. Thank you [rwk], thank you Erin and thank you Lord.


Anonymous said...

good words,
thank you.

wilsonian said...

Thank you for the huge gift you've given me... :)

Kansas Bob said...

This is pure gold:

"God’s love, mercy and grace is independent of anything I can do or say."

..and I added the Today at the Mission to my rss reader.

Seasons Blessings Ed!

Ed G. said...

nancy - i appreciate your encouragement, thank you!

wisonian - i was thinking the other day of all of the events that transpired that led to me reading this book, including some big decisions and other apparently random events, and I marvel how God works. (hmmm... maybe there's post in that...)

kanasas bob - someone I know once wrote "Christian by grace"... how true it is! happy new year.

kansas bob -

Pat said...

It seems God is leading many to see His mercy and grace. I'll order the book today.