Thursday, June 5, 2008

random thought...

My son left the house a few moments before me the other idea, but I drove by him as he walked to the bus stop. The bus was already there, so I stopped (as legally required to do).

Glancing into my rear view mirror, I could see my son walking toward the bus. I looked up, and there's the bus driver. Waiting. Waiting. Kids on the bus waiting. And back, there's my son, strolling along at his usual, in-no-hurry pace.

If it was me, I would have been running toward the bus. But not my son. And to be honest, I was overcome by two emotions at once. I was definitely annoyed. But what surprised me more, I was jealous. My son has no problem being him, even when that doesn't conform to someone else's standards, dress code, expectation, rules. He doesn't do things just to be different, but doesn't mind if he is--as long as he's true to himself.


Anonymous said...

good sharing of your thoughts.
very interesting.

i have a random thought as well.

i started a book awhile back and got distracted in a couple other books, that ted at jesus community blog was reading.

i am only a few pages into this book called "Grace Walk" by steve mcvey.

as i was considering in the last couple of days to get back into it, i thought of you and wondered if you want to read through it together?

who knows, maybe some others will want to join in as well. but, i especially got an idea to tell you about it. don't know why exactly, as i have not read it yet and can not tell you if it is any good or not.

what do you think?

Ed G. said...

Nancy - I am up for the challenge. I will order tomorrow and let you know when it comes in. Look forward to discussing with you! EG

Anonymous said...

so cool!

i will also put out the invitation in a post on my site to anyone that might also want to read along in the book, so they can have a chance to order.

thanks :-)