Monday, June 23, 2008

a churchless summer?

This month, my local community of faith moved to a one-service-Sunday schedule. We're moving to a larger space, and it will be nice to have everyone together under one roof (a roof we will raise, I'm sure).

But it occured to me this week that I scheduled my summer when we still had a 6PM Sunday service... and now it looks like I will miss our community get together for nearly two whole months.

June 15 - attending Bar Mitzvah of a good friend's son
June 22 - visiting Mom (what would have been her 50th anniversary)
June 29 - my son and I visiting some friends in Virgina
July 6 - driving cross country with my two brothers (and son)
July 13 - back at Mom's for her 70th birthday
July 20 - camping trip
July 27 - vacation in Williamsburgh

I will be in a church at least on a few of these Sundays, but am a bit nervous that I will be missing my "home church" for such an extended period of time. You try to live your life so that you don't need to go to church to get fed... but what if I forget to eat?

Any ideas, tips or suggestions? Let me know. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

ok, i will add to the suggestion box...

visit some other churches
in your area or in the area you will be visiting.
if no church is around where you are, then be the church.
bon appetit!

byo...i went to a catholic service with my in-laws, while in indiana on sunday, very interesting.

Kansas Bob said...

..ditto what Nancy said for me ..could be an intersting summer visiting other churches.

Anonymous said...

are you ready to read?

trace said...

read each other's blogs? (nah)

catch up on the phone? (better)

meet for coffee and bagels during the week? (ahh, you're getting warmer...)

Ed G. said...

three weejs in and I have managed to participate in at least one worship service every week.

The 2-1/2 hour Shabbat service at a temple in NJ was beautiful in its rythms and devotion to our Lord (the handy hebrew-to-english texts helped a lot).

The Homily at St. Thomas on Long Island (Catholic) was delivered by my favorite priest at mom's church - it would have been my mom's 50th anniversary and the topic (preparing for death) brougt back pleasant memories of my dad's final weeks.

Last week, went by myself to a mega-church in northern virginia. (see separate post).

Heading out to CA today and bringing the Grace Walk book NaNcy and I are reading... see ya!