Wednesday, June 4, 2008

catching up

First, thank you for those who have kept me on your blog roll despite the lack of activity over here. Just to fill you in on what’s up:

Over the past two months, I’ve turned into a Christian.
- I attend church every week
- I read the Bible most days
- I take time to sit before God
- I joyfully give of my tithes and offerings

What I’ve somehow stopped becoming, however, is a Christ follower.
- I have not visited the seniors at the local assisted living facility
- I have not worked with the special needs kids
- I have not served in church ministry
- I have not reached out to people in need
- I have not spread the Gospel
- I have not unleashed dreams
- I have not built His kingdom

A few weeks ago, I stopped into Erin’s place and the first words I saw were “Faith without works is dead.” I felt convicted. So I left. But these gentle (and no so gentle) nudges over the past few weeks are taking effect, and I am determined to get back on that path. And follow.


Anonymous said...

thanks :-)

so glad to hear.

Anonymous said...

that you are on the path, that is.

thank you so much for sharing.

Ed G. said...

thank you Nancy for asking me to share!

Kansas Bob said...

Glad to see you blogging again Ed!

I wonder if those faith works resemble that Spirit fruit Paul speaks of in Galatians... hmmm.

Ed G. said...

KB - I'm glad you referenced the spirit fruit, because it prompted me to look up that passage in the Bible -- and it's a passage that always reminds me of my grandmother. Thanks.

wilsonian said...

I'm glad you came back :)
We're on the same path...