Tuesday, June 17, 2008

injection v. incarnation

I am desperate.

And God said, “let there be light.”

Day after day, nothing changes. I have nothing. I am nothing.

Light. Energy. Renewal. Every day since that first day, the dawn of each new morning reminds me… that He is my Lord – and He gives me hope.

I take comfort in my TV. My car. My PC. My world. But I am still lost. Will I be lost forever? I am stranded in this darkness… Oh, how I need a fix cause I’m going down. It’s like I’m stuck… running from you all the time.

On the Second Day he created Land. And to be honest, some days on this planet earth are not easy. But for me, when I physically feel the ground below my feet I am reminded that God is supporting me with every step I take. So I can stand firm, and a little more sure-footed – grounded in his Love.

Do you remember me? I am here. I am ready for you now. Come to me now. Yes, come to me quickly. Oh, I need you now. I need you in the worst way possible. Oh yes, come to me Lord. Fill me!

Then He created the flowers. The seeds. And fruit. Sustaining me today with nourishment – and I give thanks. You give me the strength to share, Lord, and I share with love.

Oh God! I feel the joy! Your loving spirit runs through my veins – lifting me higher than I ever imagined. You are the Lord almighty! I raise my hands in joyful celebration – as I am engulfed by your presence. Oh, we could go on forever – forever. Send me Lord – I am your servant. You are my master! Send me, Lord! Together, we are Love!

On the fourth day, the Lord created the moon and the stars – giving me a small glimmer of what heaven will be like – in all its splendor and glory. It can be frustrating at times. I wish I had more answers. But today, I accept that my job is to be Your shining star here on earth – and to share Your light-giving message as best I can.

Ohhhh. I had almost forgotten the sweet smell of your presence. Why did I wait so long to return to you? I want to stay here… this time, let’s walk together… You have filled me up.

Then there were birds. Animals. Living creatures in every size, shape and color possible. Is there no end to Your imagination? How can I not help but sit in awe of You – I need only open my eyes to be reminded of Your Glory.

I can handle life now. Get through another week. I am teeming with confidence – what can possibly stand in my way.

Man and Female. He created me in his very image. Me. He said “I am special – I am important – I matter” And – it gets better here – he said be in relationship with one another. Love me. Love your family. Love your neighbors. Go – share my Love with all people – and let my Love comfort you with everlasting peace.

Bills. Rejection. Work. Was it always this hard? I find myself spiraling downward. No one feels the way I do. Why do I feel so alone? Why does no one care to help?

And on the seventh day He rested from all his work. And now, so shall I.

I am desperate.


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thanks for this wonderful post

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A stark contrast..