Tuesday, August 31, 2010

setting the table

here's what's bouncing around that small filing cabinet above my shoulders. will see if any of these become posts over the next few weeks:

Why is that people with higher incomes give less?

The Google machine makes it easy to search, post and link to a multitude of essays that expound what you believe. But does that simple fact that you agree with the conclusion make ithe author a genius?

Many people are talking about the need to Restore America. So I wonder, are we just romanticizing the past? Are we better off putting this car in drive or reverse?

If you have any thoughts you want to share, let me know. Otherwise stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

because money has a negative power over people.

restore america with what?
where do we get the parts, from china?

essays make me sleepy.

a couple of drawers are stuck on my filing cabinet.

Kansas Bob said...

Percentage-wise I think that it is true that wealthy folks give less. Yet there are a few who made the giving pledge to give the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

I think that we (especially the religious 'we') tend to read articles/books with views that we agree with.

I do think that this "restore America" mantra will in some form affect the November elections.

Ed G. said...

@Nancy. Even your comments are ringing of poetry!

@Bob. Reading books that you agree with is one thing. Quoting only those lines that you agree with "those books" is when it gets real dicy!