Thursday, August 19, 2010

muslim = terrorist

Given all the brouhaha about the Park 51 Project (aka Cordoba House, aka Ground Zero Mosque) – what we are really talking about is something quite simple. Many if not most Americans associate people of muslim faith with the terrorists who attacked this country on 9/11.

muslim = terrorist

Even in today’s “politically correct” world, more than four in ten Americans will readily admit that they are prejudiced against Muslims. One would image that others harbor such thoughts, but are not willing to admit that on a phone call survey.

muslim = terrorist

When American leaders such as Newt Gingrich equate a mosque to a swastika – the comparison could not be any clearer. He is sayting that the symbol of faith for 1.5 billion people is no different than the symbol associated with the most vicious, cold-blooded killers of the past century.

muslim = terrorist

People who lost friends and family in 9/11 must live with that loss every day. To me, it doesn’t matter whether or not it is “appropriate” if a mosque in lower Manhattan will bring back memories of 9/11… the fact is, for many it will. For many, 9/11 may be their only direct engagement with Muslims. While the association between muslims and terrorists may not be rational, no one can say that it is not real. The pain is always real.

muslim = terrorist

This week’s The Economist opined: It is impossible to be sensitive both to those who see the mosque as an affront and those who see opposition to it as proof of prejudice.

I choose not to be saddled by such limitations. Instead, I choose to be embolded by Donna Marsh O'Connor and the September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, a coalition of more than 250 families which recently endorsed the mosque.

"I can understand people saying that this is a slap. This does hurt. But we don't change fundamentally what our nation is about because it will hurt people,” O’Connor said. “We're a family who is forever changed, certainly forever scarred, but we're not the victims of 9/11. Our daughter was the victim of 9/11 and we don't want to see our nation fold.”

muslim = terrorist

Unfortunately, our nation has a history of folding time and time again… when you look at the American math over the years, you find periods where:

indians = savages
blacks = animals
jews = greedy filth
japanese = kamakazi killers

And yet… as we learn more about the people we so freely hate… we always come to find out that we were wrong. We are always wrong. But eventually, we figure that out. And so too we will again.



Erin Wilson said...

It would be nice if it didn't always take us so long to figure it out...

ps. very glad you're back here :)

Anonymous said...

this post = good

Ed G. said...

@Erin: your latest news is so inspiring!

@Nancy: thank you for you oh-so-kind words!

Kansas Bob said...

I so admire O'Connor and the coalition. In the end folks them will be the ones that bring positive change.. forgiveness and acceptance usually do.

I do think that you left one off your list though..

Christians = narrow-minded

..Lord help us to change that one by loving those who don't love us.

Ed G. said...

I agree Bob, not sure if I could muster the courage of O'Connor if I was as close to the pain as she.

JoAnne said...

I found your post very refreshing and enlightening. I was just reading the other day many comments left on a FB article that were so inflammatory and over and over again they misspelled words such as Muslim. It truly saddened me that supposedly these were written from people who consider themselves to be believers. Regardless of our differing views on religion or politics as human beings, it seems so unchristian like to slam others as being more righteous. In my heart, I believe there has to be a better way. Thanks for sharing!

Ed G. said...

JoAnne, thanks for stopping by. Your words prompted me to post a verse from Romans (12:9-21) that I had read earlier today.

I like when you say, "I believe there has to be a better way"