Monday, January 12, 2009

scripture: have at it

The biography of Walt Disney is over 800 pages, the Gospel of John less than 27. So I get the sense that the Gospel authors took great pains to choose their words wisely, and that every paragraph is important.

Reading John last week, was struck by the telling of the crucifixion... an event John witnessed first-hand. While this scene is presented in vivid detail in The Passion of the Christ, it is portrayed over the course of a few paragraphs in John, ending with:
These things happened so that the scripture would be fulfilled: "Not one of his bones will be broken," and, as another scripture says, "They will look on the one they have pierced." John 19: 36-37

So I am coming back to this again today... knowing that having these two events together is important. Body pierced, but no bones broken.

What do these verses say to you? Why is so important that they are talked about in the same context? No broken bones, but body pierced. This is not a question for bible scholars, it's a question for you. First thoughts OK. Thanks for playing.


flyawaynet said...

To me... initial thoughts...
No matter how violent, how crazed and out of control a situation is - God's still in charge.

God says you can beat someone to a bloody pulp and kill him, you can.
If He says you can't touch one bone in his body though? You can't.

No matter what I go through, however heinous it might feel, it won't go one shred, not one ounce, not one tear, beyond what God allows.

Anonymous said...

i have not thought of the fact that they would only write the words that are necessary, and no more.

what is necessary, and no more.

so the body is still together in one piece. not broken apart.

Anonymous said...

The gospel of John also only covers about three years.

Interesting question, though. I've never really thought about it meaning much more than the miraculous fulfillment of an impossible prophecy.

Kansas Bob said...

I wonder if the Jews knew about the prophecy in the Psalms and asked to have his bones broken to invalidate the prophecy?

karen said...

wow...that's an interesting question...

Ed G. said...

fly... i like your thinking, thanks.

esther... that was my first thought too, but why this prophesy? maybe i over complicate things!

nancy, bob, karen... i appreciate so much you taking the time to share your thoughts.