Friday, January 23, 2009

a new day

Here's a link to 48 amazing photo's from Tuesday's inauguration. Enjoy!


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks Ed.. I loved those photos!

Anonymous said...

I saw those too. Some of them are just gorgeous shots!

Anonymous said...

ya know, this made me realize just how much this event was covered and spread over the globe.

all the words...all the images, faces, movements, expressions.

it is just amazing all the angles and sights that were spread far and wide.

every move this family makes will be watched and recorded from now on. george washington would be freaked out.

Ed G. said...

Yes, the global pictures struck me, too. My wife and I couldn't think of watching the inauguration of a person from another country. We forget sometimes the role USA plays in the world.

Ariah said...

I might have asked this already, and if so I'm sorry.

But do you mind changing your link for Trying To Follow to this:

I finally moved urls and I want it to be right for google.

Rock on.