Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 random things...

I was tagged on Facebool to write 25 random things about myself. And because I am lazy, instead of writing what I want to say over here today, I'll just repost that list.

I need to be right. I always need to be right. Got it?

The fact that PT Barnum started the circus when he was in his sixties motivates me to get off my butt and try new things.

Last week, I spend a whole day sitting on a couch with Eileen, just hanging out in front of a fire. It was one of my favorite days.

I need to constantly remind myself that my children are there own persons, living lives meant just for them, and they are not extensions of me.

Nothing irritates me more than jammed copy machines. Grrrrrrr.

This month, I made soup for the first time.

Have never sued anyone, nor has anyone ever sued me.

Have never fired a firearm (nor has anyone fired at me).

It wouldn’t surprise me if I was diagnosed as an obsessive compulsive. I had to delete games on my PC because I could just spend hour after hour playing Free Cell.

I hate being thanked in public. But not being thanked in private irks me even more.

The last time I was drunk was April 5, 2002. My car said hello to the median on the Merritt Parkway on the way home from Yankee Stadium. The entire left side was totaled. The air bag never deployed. The Lord kept me from harm.

I often wonder what I have done to earn God’s love. Then I remember there is nothing I can do about that… it is His gift. My roll in this is to love Him back. Some days I don’t do that very well.

The trooper who arrived on the scene at my crash was Officer D’Amato. I received a ticket for changing lanes without signaling. I will remember his name always.

There are days when I would just like to start all over. And there are other days when I realize that I can start over… starting today.

I finished my first screenplay in 2007. I am ten pages into my second (but have been at page ten for many months now… hmmmm).

I don’t like dogs… but wouldn’t mind having one as a pet.

I often cry at the end of sappy movies. It’s a Wonderful Life gets me every time.

Some times I think I am the only person who can’t stand Meryl Streep.

It bothers me that people close to me don’t see the peace and joy that has come into my life since I discovered Jesus and His love.

I broke 90 on the golf course once in my life. I was playing with my brother Tom. All the best rounds I have had have been when playing with my brother.

I blog at xtheroad.blogspot.com

When I got on the scale in January 1, it dawned on me that I had gained 45 pounds over the past five years. I’ve come to learn that losing weight is not about diets or workout plans – it’s about making a decision to lose weight.

I love to plan and organize events.

This year, I have a dream that involved organizing a performing arts club – getting people together so we can go perform for people who don’t have ready access to live performances.

I have many secrets. Maybe one day I will share them. Today is not that day.


Anonymous said...

that is the most interesting post i think i have ever read

Ed G. said...

thank you nAncY. "Interesting" is one of the nicest things you could say!

karen said...

You don't like dogs but wouldn't mind having one as a pet? That's most interesting!
I don't like Meryl either.
Can I look for you at facebook?