Wednesday, March 24, 2010

yes, still more 40

i am gaining more appreciation for 40, now where did we leave off...

Day 31. Unexpected twists and turns add depth to our lives, fuel emotions and embolden our humanity. I give thanks for surprises.

Day 30. My heavenly father has placed eternity on my heart. Praise to the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, the God of Moses, the God of David, the God of Mary, the God of Ed.

Day 29. Are you willing to ask for help? The big lie is that I can maintain control, that I always know best, that I can handle whatever comes my way alone. I pray that I could be more willing to seek help.

Day 28. Teacher, coach, mentor, tutor, rabbi… your unselfish giving helps us all go further. Hurrah!

Day 27. FACEBOOK FRIDAY. Task: write a note of thanks.

Day 26. Pray for pa ENTER. Pray for pati ENTER. Pray for patien ENTER. Pray for patience. WHEW!

Day 25. Two words for Tommy and Willie: Thank you.

Day 24. Any relationship that instills true hope is worthy of our praise.

Day 23. Please join me in prayer for those out of work. May you take pride in your endeavors today and find everything you seek. Enjoy the ride, for peace and security are on the way.

Day 22. The grandiose epic adventures that take place within a nine-minute snooze-alarm interval are so cool. I am thankful for dreamin'.

Day 21. Facebook Friday: PRAISE to Tony Bennet, TK, Michael Steer and more!


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks! Day 24 and 29 are especially noteworthy Ed.

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks! Day 24 and 29 are especially noteworthy Ed.