Thursday, March 11, 2010

more 40...

Picking up from here...

Day 20. A few words for those dealing with breast cancer: Fight. Accept. Cherish. Hope. Share. Believe. Persevere. Ignore. Ask. Love. Pray. Conquer.

Day 19. Sometimes you discover the most amazing things later in life. Thankfully, the sinless pleasure of low-fat ice cream no longer eludes me.

Day 18. The never-ending creativity so evident in our universe can not but inspire us to create ourselves. Praise to the architect, painter, writer, sculptor, designer, engineer, cinematographer, programmer, musician, carpenter and artist in all of us.

Day 17. The hateful discrimination against gay men and women sickens me to no end. Today’s prayers are for acceptance, understanding and most of all, love.

Day 16. Whatever "it" is... I can't do it without constant reminders, prodding, questions and scolding. A big thank you to everyone who holds me accountable.

Day 15. Facebook Friday: PRAYER. For the lonliness of chemo, the unexpected loss of a brother, the pains of cancer and facing a friend who just found out everything is about to change. We pray for healing, comfort, wisdom. We pray for peace.


Erin Wilson said...

This is such a beautiful way to celebrate Lent. I can only believe that you will be transformed by it. :)

Ed G. said...

Erin -- you definitely gain an appreciation for "40 days". Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.