Monday, December 1, 2008

sunday morning

sunday morning

no alarm clock

rolling over to see my wife

the first stretch

light peeking in from behind the window shade

sunday morning

the family arises

we hit the car before breakfast

we are greeted as we enter

sometimes by a kiss

the hall fills
... with people
... with music
... with laughter
... with life
... with His love

for moments

perhaps longer

everything is as it should be

we are one

sunday morning


hennhouse said...


Kansas Bob said...

As it should be indeed.. enjoyed this Ed.

Anonymous said...

lovely poem

Ed G. said...

Hi hennhouse. Thank you for your encourgement!

Most glad that I could add to your enjoyment, Bob!

Well NaNcY, about time I get to pay you back for all the wonderful words on your site!

I actually wrote this at church this past week. We all took a half hour and had a chance to express our thanks in different ways -- through writing, art, drama, writing letters to the troops, etc. When i sat down and realized that I had a pen, a blank page, and some free time it was like a gift.

wilsonian said...

I pray that you find this Sunday just as beautiful...