Thursday, December 11, 2008

nary a light

christmas day is two weeks away

but you would be hard-pressed to tell around our house.

no tree
no wreaths
no decorations
no outdoor lights
no holiday cookies
not a hint of christmas

everything still packed away
up in the attic
all boxed

now... we'll have a dozen+ guests in our house two weeks from now, so i imagine at some point we'll get a tree... and surely we can't be the only house on the block without christmas lights outside... but for some reason, neither my wife nor i are interested in going through the whole decoration hoo-ha this year (and believe me, we have boxes and boxes of cool stuff).

we've passed on our annual dinner party, and we've scaled back significantly on gift shopping, too.

so what's new in december? for the first time in many months, i feel like i am moving again, back on this amazing journey with my creator. i've been reading the bible again... spending quiet time before god... more conscious of his kingdom... purposeful in life. instead of giving many gifts this year, we will be making additional donations to the local shelter and an international reflief fund. we've engourage people who normally gift us to do the same.

despite the lack of "christmas" this year, i feel no shortage of christ.


wilsonian said...

This is so encouraging :)

Peace to you, friend.

Anonymous said...

i'm going with erin on this one...