Thursday, December 18, 2008

in the year 2001, i will...

Over the past few months, I have re-awakened from a long slumber, and I think that it’s no coincidence that during this same time frame I have had the joy of participating in a small group led by TK.

This past week, our group listened to Erwin McManus talk about his newest book and teaching series, wide awake. And we spoke about our dreams – or, should I say, the fact that most of us couldn’t think of any dream we were currently living to achieve.

So I am creating a “dream list”. I know that Wilsonian is working on her list for this year – and it’s pretty sad that we all don’t have one. I promise to post more on this in the weeks ahead (I am sure there are some dreams stored up inside me somewhere!)

But in the interim… as I have no dreams to speak of today… this current thought process led me to pull out a piece of paper I wrote eight years ago. Now just for context, this was a period in my life when I attended the Church of the Holy Convenience and didn’t realize I was on a journey. Preamble aside, here’s a list titled “In the year 2001, I will…” with my 2008 commentary in red.

In the year 2001, I will…

Weight less than 180 pounds.
Got down to 185 in 2003. Back up to 220+. I like to tell people it’s because I quit smoking in 2005, but actually it’s because I eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

See a sunrise and a sunset.
This one stays on my list most every year. I like them both.

Get a new job.
Left the comforts of corporate America and helped a friend start a company in 2001, so accomplished this one. Five years later I started my own company (which was a 20-year dream in the making.)

Break 90 on the golf course.
May 2007. Long Island National golf course. 89. Yes, I have witnesses.

Save a life.
Haven’t run into any burning buildings, but I’ve come to learn that you never know when your actions can make a difference. Let’s say this one’s a work in progress.

See my name in the newspaper.
Not sure why this one was on the list. Been there, done that. No so thrilling after the fact.

Get a promotion.
See “get a new job” above.

Learn to play the piano.
Dabbled a bit, but never put in the time. I can learn a song if I practice it enough, but sadly still not a piano player.

Read the entire New Testament.
Not in 2001, but not too long after. Little did I know then that the real secret is reading it over and over.

Publish a short story.
I wrote a full screenplay in 2006, so I’ll cheat and take credit for this one.

Bungee jump.
Did not happen. Not sure this one would make the cut this year.

Teach each of my children something special and unique.
Oh how I wish this were true. Maybe it is. They are amazing and wonderful and a joy to be with all of the time. I think they learned all that from my wife, though.

Make my wife laugh at least once a day.
I had a joke for this one, but I’ll keep it to myself. I do better on some days than others. This one definitely goes on this year’s list.

Spend time with Nonie once every month.
My grandmother passed in 2006. I did have the honor of speaking at her funeral. Sadly, I don’t think I got down to see her once a month. I wish I had.

Volunteer at least four times.
We’ll have to raise the bar a little for ’09.

Make at least two new friends.
Looking back, it seems that making new friends means doing new things. Joining a church in late 2001 definitely led to many new friendships. Starting to blog here last year opened new doors, too. Think I am going to have to find a new activity next year.

Communication with two old friends I didn’t speak with in 2000.
Have been more intentional about this in recent years. Email helps. Facebook, too.

Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
This one stays on the list as sadly, je n’alle pas a france (or something like that). Let’s see, trips planned but not taken include: 1985, 1992, 1999, 2008. That’s four. C’est la vie.

Put up a website.
Oh, that’s soooo 2001.

So... what are you dreaming about these days? If your dream came true, would the world be a better place? Let's all dream.


Kansas Bob said...

I loved this post Ed.. cool info.. makes me want to check out my old seven habits mission stmt. Enjoyed going to your website and lookin around. Your thoughts reminded me of how short life can be.. thanks for that!

Hey.. if you do Facebook.. friend me :)

Kansas Bob said...

Hey Ed.. you inspired me today to write about my past goals - thanks!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to read your list from 01 ! You did really well at accomplishing many of them.

My dreams for now:

For my son to be off drugs.
To get my diabetes fully under control.

That's it for now.

wilsonian said...

Ed... I loved reading your list!! And I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for next year. I'm starting to think about that myself. I didn't get everything accomplished, but I got pointed into a healthier direction. Thank God for that! :)