Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Have not been as attentive to blogging over the past few weeks. Next week, my family and I will be on vacation (woohoo) but as is often the case, there is much work to be done in advance. My business has one full-time employee (me) which means there’s a rush to get projects completed before I go. Not to mention packing. And other prep.

Reminds me of an old saying – there is no such thing as vacation, only redistribution.

Everything still needs to get done. So I cram some in before we leave. And I’ll be squeezing out extra time when we return. At some point I’ll catch up. And it will all get done.

This morning I’m thinking, though, what happens when I take a vacation from doing God’s work? Yes, it happens. It could be a day, or perhaps a week, sometimes longer. My great plans to advance the Kingdom on hold while I focus on house, work, family, fun, etc.

When I’m “on vacation” from God’s work, no one picks up the slack. The poor go unfed. The lonely go uncomforted. The lost go unfound. When you think about it—my mission has one full-time employee (me), too.

Guess while I’m away, will need to do some thinking about redistribution.


Anonymous said...

it is so good to have time with family. be right there with them. i pray for love and patience and joy for you and your family in this precious time.

Kansas Bob said...

Hope the vacation is a great one Ed.. and remember.. loving your family is all about advancing the Kingdom.. just ask Susanna Wesley (mother of John and Charles) :)

Happy Trails, Bob

Pat said...

I suspect that family and fun have a lot more to do with the Kingdom than religious stuff. So go, have fun and know that God likes fun too and He's right there with you.

Peace and blessings,

Anonymous said...

do you remember that old song...
v a c a tion? that is how i learned to spell that word.