Thursday, February 28, 2008

bueller... bueller...

The physician Lewis Thomas wrote, "The greatest of all the accomplishments of 20th-century science has been the discovery of human ignorance."

I love science, but one of things I like most about science is that it helps illustrate the enormous wonder that is God. It seems that every decade, we humans reach a point where “we know it all”… only to find out soon after that there’s a whole new level, and another, and another. Quantum mechanics. Relativity. Nano physics. I can't wait for what God will show us next!

Saw a great video clip this morning (ht Karen) about a new movie coming out narrated by Ben Stein. If you got a second, check it out.


Anonymous said...

i watched
i posted it...and
i sent it to my daughter in college that is majoring in physics...and re-deciding on her faith...limbo. wants it to be her own decision.

i perceive some difference in your writing...other than the length. it is good.

Ed G. said...

i hadn't heard about this movie until seeing the trailer... but i think it touches on a topic that a lot of people are ready to hear... i am sure God will find many ways in the weeks, months, years ahead to speak with your daughter.

your closing comment has me wondering... hmmmm.