Friday, February 29, 2008

c'mon boxcars...

So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Revelations 3:16

Bill Clinton once said, voting for Obama is like "rolling the dice". And while I imagine he said that to scare people, it kinda gets me excited. Because the chance to win big is something we haven't had in American politics in a long, long time.

Try this exercise: not counting the current office holder, make a list of the three worst U.S. Presidents ever. Then make a list of the three best U.S. Presidents ever. Done yet?

Now think about this... How is the world -- including your life -- different today based on the decisions and actions taken by the individuals in list one vs. list two. When I look at my list, I see that the up-side is far more longer lasting.

Gets me thinking... outside of politics, God provides even greater assurance in our own lives--there is nothing we can risk that is too great because the campaign has already been won.


Kansas Bob said...

I'll play.. only for the ones in my lifetime:

3 Best: Ike (war hero), Reagan (made us believe in the USA again), Clinton (left USA fiscally better than he got it)

3 Worst: JFK (got us into Vietnam), LBJ (kept us in Vietnam), Nixon (he was a crook)

Of course I think that idealism is better left out of politics ... politicians are experts at playing on our idealism.. one day we wake up to it and find that we have been played.. our idealism was part of our weakness.

Sorry to wax cynical Ed :(

Ed G. said...

Coming up with my "3 best" list was easy - Jefferson (for his idealism - plus he founded UVa), Lincoln (for his resolve) and FDR (for his practicality). I found it a lot harder to come up with three worst -- even Nixon had some worthwhile accomplishments. Perhaps the ones that history forgets -- Hoover, Hardin, Tyler, Taylor...