Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what's coming up...

As the "stupid crazy" time at work seems like it is receeding into the "normal crazy" mode... wanted to tee up a few topics that I plan on writing about over the next few weeks. (Making a list helps keep me accountable!)

My fifth day with James. When you start a series called "5 days with James" it helps to write more than four posts.

Reflections from the rail trail. Want to follow up from this August post.

K-P-G. On many days, I end my prayer time with "For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory"... so thought it would be worthwhile to unpack that a bit, starting with "for thine is the kingdom" and continuing from there.

So it is written. So it shall be done.


Anonymous said...

setting the table...i like that.

Kansas Bob said...

Looking forward to reading Ed!

Kansas Bob said...

Glad your schedule is less crazy!

Erin Wilson said...

Ooooh... poking your head up for some air! Looking forward to what is to come. Looks like TK popped up out of nowhere too. Must be something in the air over there (as if I'm one to talk... lol!)

Ed G. said...

NaNcy... i need to update my blog links... thanks for the email.

Bob... yes, less crazy is good, thank you.

Erin... I did post last month, TK hasn't posted in over 2 years! But of course, even though I saw TK yesterday, took your comment to inform me that he's blogging again!