Wednesday, November 17, 2010

lessons from the rail trail

Sometimes people are just thirsty

Sometimes being an evangelist means you need to shut up.

Sometimes leading a movement has nothing to do with organizing or programs.

Sometimes when the wind blows, the trees come together to create the most well-choreographed ballet.

Sometimes you need to go out of your normal way to meet someone at the exact place where they wanted to be at that moment in time.

Sometimes people are cynical. Most times they are not.

Sometimes you can hear the river flowing… even when it is well out of range.

Sometimes you can give someone the most amazing gift just by showing up.

Sometimes people will stop and talk, and share things about their life, and not be really sure why they feel so comfortable with a stranger.

Sometimes the moments in life where absolutely nothing is going on are the fullest.

Sometimes people will go out of their way to repay a simple act of kindness.

Sometimes a smile means more than words.

Sometimes… there are not enough sometimes.

The cold and rain have brought an end to rail trail Saturdays for now… spring will be here soon... but not soon enough.


TK said...

thanks ed.

Bgrizz said...

You're an inspiring man
my dear sir

keep up the great work
its people like you, who cause random acts of kindness
on a bigger scale, in a chain reaction

Kansas Bob said...

Great stuff Ed. I really resonate with this:

"Sometimes you can give someone the most amazing gift just by showing up."

I am so grateful for the folks that have shown up in my life.