Saturday, April 3, 2010

the final forty...

40 days of thanks, prayer and praise

Day 40. Thank you for the cross.

Day 39. FACEBOOK FRIDAY. Praise!

Day 38. Did not want to close out this 40-day series without sharing this one prayer: that my dear friends and family would come to know the living God.

Some people think I am delusional, worshiping a flying spaghetti monster. Others see Jesus as a historical figure, kind of like George Washington. Many have had bad church experience, or simply find God irrelevant. I know. I was there. I wish I could tell you what it was that triggered me to go looking for God nine years ago. Looking back, things at the time seemed pretty good… you know, getting up each day, trying to live the American dream.

But what I can tell you is this… once I started looking for Jesus, he found me. Not in some blaze of glory, but in a more intimate, personal setting. A relationship. A living relationship. So my prayer today is not that you will go running off to church or join a mission or even that you will come to share my beliefs. My prayer today is simple. That those closest to me can open their heart and take the time to seek.

Day 37. Sometimes a tidal wave of calmness, harmony, stillness and tranquility comes at me with such incredible force. At times when needed most. I give thanks for peace.

Day 36. His name is Jesus. When I seek him out directly, he never judges me. He always saves me. Always. He is everything to me. My King. My Lord. My God.

Day 35. Alone. Perhaps no other feeling conveys such dread. For those who feel the pangs of isolation… in body, thought or spirit… our hope and prayer is that you will discover your connection. Peace.

Day 34. It can express empathy, unity and excellence. Joy, sympathy or romance. An eternal bond between two people shared through a single embrace. Today, I give thanks for the << hug >>.

Day 33. Facebook Friday: PRAYER. For the grace to do God's will for me, even when I don't want to...

Day 32. 3,000 days ago, the holy spirit whispered into my heart. Perhaps that voice was always there… maybe I just allowed myself to listen. In any case, I praise God for the breath of life.

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Kansas Bob said...

A wonderful mix of prayers, praises, thanks and heartfelt thoughts Ed. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

hi ed

Ed G. said...

Hi Nancy! I have not been a very good blog friend lately. Will stop by for a visit this weekend. Peace to you. Ed