Monday, April 27, 2009

simply beyond words

My friend TK introduced me to what is known as "the wordless bible".

In simplest terms, it is the story of our salvation -- or more specifically, my salvation. I started to carry this book in my wallet. Five pages. No words.

It starts with the story of a glorious gift... a personal relationship with a loving God and creator. A moment that turns to darkness when when I turn my back on God and reject him through my words, my thoughts, my actions. That is not the end of the story, though, as someone else paid the price for my misgivings. Jesus gave his life on the cross for me. And since the moment I accepted this gift... this fresh start... this cleansing love... I have been able to grow in a more meaningful, personal relationship with God and his people.

From what I have heard, this wordless bible is used in countries where carrying a bible in public could be dangerous... and it is also used to introduce children to the amazing story of God's love. But somehow... the simplicity works wonders for me too.

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Anonymous said...

hi ed,

i haven't seen or heard of this before.

it is wonderful :-)