Sunday, April 5, 2009

the light is still on

have not spent much time here over the past few weeks... i look forward to catching up with your journeys soon. excited about this week, with good friday and easter. a celebration of victory if ever there was one.

while i have not been as attentive here, have been very intentional this lenten season of reaching up and reaching out--spending more time in scripture, prayer, sitting quietly before god and just being aware of the person sitting across from me. have also been working on trying to smile more -- to let the joy in my heart be seen on my face. (i can hear the voice of my 8th grade english teacher as i write this, "gillespie, do you ever smile?")

work has been very busy (a blessing, in many ways) but i have too many kingdom-oriented projects that are sitting by idly as a result. i can and should be doing more -- and i will.

so just wanted to say i miss you -- and will visit soon. until then, may your days be filled with an abundance of joy, for the Christ has risen. Just for you.


Anonymous said...

good to hear from you,
thanks for the update :-)

Kansas Bob said...

Love what you are doing on Facebook during Lent!

NoVA Dad said...

And yours as well; I, too, haven't written much on either of my blogs lately and look forward to getting back into the swing of things. Easter blessings on you and yours!

wilsonian said...

What are you doing on FB? I wanna see :)

And if you're practicing being present, you are doing exactly what you need to be doing. Really.

Peace to you, Ed.

Ed G. said...

the Lord has risen -- happy Easter all!

Ed G. said...

wilsonian, you know what they say... what happens on FB stays on FB (ha). Do you Facebook? Couldn't find you in a search.

Anyway, started a note on Facebook in late Februrary. Decided to take a moment each day to think about someone I have encountered in my life and post some thoughts. Then spend the day praying for that person.

What has struck me the most during this adventure is the incredible value and reward that comes from actually taking time to think about someone, who they are, how they have impacted you, what they may be going through. I must no do it often enough!