Friday, October 19, 2007


When a once-active blog suddenly goes dark, it makes you wonder.

Sometimes it’s frustrating. You’re humming along through this really cool novel, getting your daily fix, and you wake up one day and find that the story is over – with no warning whatsoever.

Sometimes it’s worrisome. Is he OK? Maybe she’s sick. Is he having a meltdown? Why don’t they tell me what’s going on! It’s true – I don’t really know this person, but they shared something that touched me – and the connection was real (at least to me.)

And you wonder… how long should I keep this link up on my blog… after all, I don’t want to send my friends to an inactive site … how long should I click through, holding out hope that the words that once inspired and motivated me will return?

Certainly, the two-week hiatus since ita, missa est has been the longest gap between posts since I started this blog-journey last May. It’s not like I’ve been too busy or disinterested. I’ve simply had nothing to say.

There was nothing new this morning. No insights. No inspiration. But as they say, sometimes writers just need to write.

And as the word “nothing” came up on my screen, letter by letter, it suddenly occurred to me that this two-weeks-of-nothing-to-say coincided with two-weeks-of-not-reading-His-word. Not a coincidence, you say? Well inspiration is sitting on my desk, just six feet away… so gotta run…

PS – what’s up at bit of smoke?


Anonymous said...

thanks ed...for just being there even when you don't write.

and good reminder to read the word.

Kansas Bob said...

Sometimes the best bible you can write and we can read is that one written on your heart. Most of us long to hear those transparent and vulnerable heart stories.. but sadly we only get to read the brainy ones.

Ed G. said...

KB -- thanks you for your insights. I can put my ideas in order but my heart is usually messy. I hide behind intellect because it's easy and safe... Prodding like yours will make it easier for me to take some risks... thanks.

Anonymous said...

Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord.

Love to you

trace said...

I am on a blog break right now - reading, but not writing. Don't know why, and not really worried about it...when the juice comes back, I'll start writing again.