Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can I change my vote?

I’m a fan of pop culture. I get my news from Entertainment Weekly, and one my four “must watch” shows each week is American Idol. This past week, the consensus “best singer” was voted off Idol, leaving us with the unique, beat-boxing Blake and the young, big-voiced Jordin. Personally, I was not surprised.

Consistency, quality, purity, excellence (attributes used to describe the now-going-home Melinda) are values we all appreciate… but when it’s time to choose, we often choose otherwise. Edgy… risky… unique... we take a chance on potential, something new.

That thought came to me this morning while reading in the book of Jeremiah, "What fault did your fathers find in me, that they strayed so far from me? They followed worthless idols and became worthless themselves.” (2:5)

OK, so maybe it’s a big jump from Melinda’s demise to the fall of man. But if you look back in history, God gives it all, week after week – and anyone who experiences God knows it’s good. We praise God. We love God. And yet we all make choices that forsake this goodness. From Adam down to Ed.

Often I look up only to see that I have walked past “the spring of living water” as Jeremiah describes God’s goodness, and instead have dug my own cistern – a broken cistern that cannot hold water. Thankfully, when we realize what we’ve done and feel thirst, Jesus invites us to return the spring. (If only we never left!)

Perhaps part of me uses the Lord’s mercy as a free pass in life, but I also realized that at some point, just like American Idol, the phone lines will be closed and the final votes will be counted.

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