Thursday, November 24, 2011

my banker hugged me

day before thanksgiving, bank was busy-busy-busy. stopped in to sign some papers for work. long lines. phones ringing. cranky customers. busy-busy-busy.

error on the paperwork… need to wait some more. long lines. phone ringing. busy-busy-busy.

bank manager turns to the loan rep: did you ever notice that mr. gillespie never seems frazzled, always calm, always smiling.

turning to me she asks, how do you manage that?

i looked up and told the truth: i just trust in the lord.

in an instant, the phones stopped. the lines melted away. the busy-busy simply vanished. and she threw her arms around me and whispered: me too.

and today i wonder… how many others are out there… busy-busy-busy… just waiting for someone to come in and mention his name… to say it is okay to express your faith… to declare your love… to live out the peace… even in the midst of the busy-busy-busy.



Erin Wilson said...

:) Her observation speaks volumes about your character. You know, this could be an awesome way to check in with how we're doing spiritually... ask our banker.

Kansas Bob said...

Love what Erin said!

This one made my evening Ed.

Now I have to watch the home team play the Steelers. :(

Ed G. said...

@Erin. Sweet words. Sometimes I think I would be afraid to ask people I interact with how I am doing spiritually!

@Bob. Tough loss for the chiefs... surprised they hung in as long as they did!