Monday, November 9, 2009

working on a dream

There were no warm up acts.

From the very first note, he held nothing back.

He gritted his teeth and dug in immediately, his inner energy taking control. He grimaced and his voice strained. Then he dug even deeper… reached far… and touched those around him on an emotional level. It was still the first song.

I like to ease into my work day. Power up the laptop. A cup of coffee. Perhaps some surfing before even looking at the to-do list. After opening a file, maybe I’ll enjoy a banana.

But not this guy. From the first note, he was giving his all.

There were no breaks between songs. No wardrobe changes. No snacks. No intermissions. Just as the final notes of one song echoed off the ceiling, he turned and said “one, two, three, four” and he was off again, finding some way to push it even harder. Again. And again. He came onto the stage at 8:30 last night. He did not stop playing, singing, engaging, dancing, energizing, living, connecting for the next three hours. By 11:40, he had performed 32 emotionally draining songs. His work was done.

And as I stood there, I wondered what my life would be like if I came to work with that that same “give it everything you’ve got” attitude?

My clients would notice.

And then I looked into heaven, and wondered what the world would be like if I approached my walk with Christ with that same focus, that same drive, that same level of non-stop energy. That same sense of purpose. What if I dug deep and held nothing back.

It can be done. It really can.

Jesus did it. And all he asks is for us to follow.

It can be done. It really can. I even know people who have.

People who don’t need to ease into acts of love. People who don’t take breaks, people who are servants of Christ from the moment they wake up until the day ends. People who find ways to dig deeper. Engage. Energize. Live. Connect.

It can be done. It really can.



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these thoughts.

Erin Wilson said...

Totally true... but I hope you'll extend a little grace to yourself too.