Wednesday, September 2, 2009

soul lovin’ – part two

Love the Lord your God with all your soul.

In response to an earlier post, Bob O’Kansas remarks: I sometimes think that it means to love God with our whole being.

Our whole being.

A few months back in church (of all places) there was a moment, albeit brief, where I felt that I was loving God with my whole being.

Normally, there is a time during Sunday service for music. Each week is different, but most times there’s a segment of three or four songs – it could be a rock band or a simple guitar. Sometimes a flute. Usually contemporary… once in a while a rap.

On this particular Sunday, Sam played and sang alone. He played one song, that I recall had one line of lyrics, and he played this combination of notes, interspersed with that one line of singing, for thirty minutes. Maybe forty.

The first three minutes were interesting. Then it got weird. It was time for the next song, one with some more lyrics perhaps, but Sam continued to play the same notes. Sing the same line of praise. Over. And over.

It soon became uncomfortable, and my eyes scooted around the room. I was clearly not alone.

But after another five minutes something strange happened. I decided to just go with it. And I focused my attention to the notes. Each note. And the combinations. And the vibrations that echoed from the guitar. And I loved the Lord.

Bob says to love the lord with our whole being, and in this case I could feel the moment taking over… through my body. My limbs. The hairs on my head and the tips of my toes. The blood pouring through my veins.

And as the moment continued, the discomfort faded. And for one moment, I could feel the individual cells in my body dancing, dancing in praise for God, each individual living cell, like this massive orchestra, a million strong, singing together – praise and glory to God.

Praise and glory to God.

This morning I tried to recapture that moment. Didn’t get there 100%, but closer than I’ve been in a while.

Go ahead… try loving the Lord your God with all your soul today.



Anonymous said...

sounds like a good plan.

Kansas Bob said...

What a cool experience Ed.. you did a good job describing it.

I think that it is so easy to compartmentalize God to certain times and activities when He wants to be integrated into every activity in all of our times.