Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wednesday randomness

Was reminded recently about the Exodus, and how some of those who were delivered from bondage wanted to return to Egypt. I have been freed, too, but sometimes I go looking for my Egyptian passport. Like I want to be a dual citizen. Ugggh!

It's amazing how easy it is to see the presence of God in this world if we open our eyes, ears and hearts.

We all have demons. Last week I was praying for God's help in overcoming a temptation when it dawned on me that this battle was already fought and won. That changed everything.

I probably pray as much about my life as i do for others. Not sure whether that's a good thing or not.

When I turn my back on the Lord (you know, that sin stuff) I usually respond by avoiding God for a while... I guess you call that shame. Was reminded of that this morning reading about one of Peter's first encounters with Christ. "Go away from me Lord, I am a sinful man!" And of course, Jesus replies... c'mon, let's go for a walk.

What was the first thing Jesus did in his ministry? He took time to meet, comfort and heal individuals... ordinary people in need... one at a time. I was doing more of that a year ago than I am today.

While I have loved and served God the father for a while now, and have definitely been touched by the Holy Spirit... hard to explain but I may now be learning to love Jesus.


Anonymous said...

learning to Love Jesus...

those words give me a gentle smile feeling.

wilsonian said...


Kansas Bob said...

"sometimes I go looking for my Egyptian passport"

That made me smile Ed.

Sometimes I think my problem is more about me receiving God's love than me loving God. Maybe it is more about being than doing? All I got is a bunch of unanswered questions these days..

Ed G. said...

Thank you for sharing, Bob. Your comment brought to mind a verse from this morning's service: Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.

In contect, I think that means being more than doing.