Friday, November 7, 2008

post-election reflection

History will note what they did:

- they made it a priority
- they set out to share their beliefs
- they gave more money than they could really afford
- they gave up mornings, nights and weekends
- they met in groups and celebrated victories
- they emailed friends and family – week after week
- they allowed themselves to be ridiculed
- they called strangers from far away states
- they made it a priority to dispel false rumors
- they knocked on neighbors doors
- they knocked again, even when told to knock no more
- they ate, drank and slept a single cause
- they got in cars and drove to where they were needed
- they smiled when accused of drinking the kool-aid
- they did it for something bigger than themselves
- they came together and made calls together
- they left it all on the road

And as I look back on history, I have only two questions:

1. Why is this not a post about the American church?
2. What can I do to change that?

To borrow a phrase, yes we can.


Missy said...

This is a very interesting post, Ed. May I link to it?

Ed G. said...

Hi Missy. it is humbling to hear that anyone finds my words of interest, feel free to link away.

I did make a small effort to help sway people who were undecided about obama, i am amazed that i don't do so much more to sway people who are undecided about Jesus.

Missy said...

Thanks, Ed! When I did these things with my church, other Christians would call us a cult - not because we believed anything un-traditional, but because of our enthusiasm. We looked like fools. Eventually we let that get to us - I let that get to me.

But it almost a natural reaction to do these things when you really believe in the cause, maybe it's not so foolish.

Ed G. said...

a friend of mine shared a story the other say. some of his golf buddies asked if he was a born again christian, and he was uncomfortable responding. we (i) should be bold. fearless. and you're right missy -- that should be our natural reaction!

Kansas Bob said...

"Why is this not a post about the American church?"

Maybe if it was all about the man instead of his followers or his campaign staff.. not speakin about Obama.. talkin about Jesus!

flyawaynet said...

That... well... that would just be awesome if it were the church.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure if Christ were our candidate and we were His voters... He would have been voted out of office a long time ago.

Good thing He's a KING and not a president.