Sunday, October 19, 2008

i am lost

a few weeks ago i got up the courage to approach a friend and say "i am lost... please come find me."

here it is a few weeks later. i am still lost. but i know some people are out looking for me, and that's a good thing. peace to you. i miss blogging here. i miss reading your blogs. i am lost. but will be found.


wilsonian said...

Praying, Ed.
You're in good company... with those of us who are also feeling our way forward, and the the Bridegroom who never one stopped looking for a chance to woo.

I'll continue to pray, but feel free to get in touch anytime.

Anonymous said...

thank you, ed.
thanks for your question comment on my set me in a better direction.

i have been feeling a bit lost myself lately and i am glad for the bit of help.

it is amazing how just a gentle nudge from another can make a lot of difference.

i miss your input.
i would like to hear what kind of lost you are. it is true, so true, that Jesus never gives up on us. i tend to forget that.

Kansas Bob said...

I think that knowing that you are lost is the first step in being found. Unfortunately many don't know they are lost or won't acknowledge their lostness.

I missing your blogging too Ed.. you might want to consider a different type/style of posting that helps you process your lostness?

Blessings, Bob

Owen said...

Gosh, just coming here fore the first time via my friend wilsonian's blog. It's a thin but strong chord that holds us - it's a line from a song by Jim Abeg from a lot of years ago. I've been a successful pastor and all that, bla bla, but those days are gone and frankly I'm glad of it. Today I am an artist, a soul trying to remind myself often that it's a thin but strong chord that tethers me. Um, I guess that's what I wanted to say...

Ed G. said...

wilsonian, nancy, kb - i am overwelmed not only by the warmth of your response, but the speed in which it came. you guys are like the coast guard. you add to my hope and confidence.

owen - welcome. if your first insights are any indication of who you are, please come back often!

if it's ok with you guys, i am going to try and work through a few things on this blog - may get messy - thanks for hanging in there!

Owen said...

I've sub'ed the rss.

I'm writing my own rather messy journal just now so what's a little more mess, eh?

wilsonian said...

If I've learned anything about this group of people... we're not afraid of mess.

Peace :)