Monday, July 7, 2008

3,434 miles... 4 days

A short ramble. Over the past four days, I drove cross-country with my two brothers, my son and my nephew. A definite WOW experience. Some quick highlights:

*** started with an In-and-Out burger in LA (mmm, mmm)

*** sunrise at the Grand Canyon - amazing

*** breakfast on a Navajo reservation

*** crossing Monument Valley (see photo above)

*** driving through Colorado (most scenic part of trip)

*** Rockies vs. Marlins goes extra innings

*** the town of Cheyenne, WY

*** Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July

*** the Corn Palace (murals made of corn!)

*** spending 4 days with my brothers

*** non-stop fireworks driving thru SD

*** lunch in Madison, Wisconsin

*** Chicago skyline

*** "touchdown Jesus" in South Bend, IN

*** Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

*** Seeing my son laugh in 14 states

*** No traffic on the GWB!!

And best of all, my wife and two girls running across the lawn waving sparklers as we turned the corner on our street at 11PM last night. More to come.


Anonymous said...


Kansas Bob said...

What a great trip Ed!

Next time you head west stop please by KC.. I'll buy you a cup o Joe!

paul del signore said...

wow! sounds like an adventure... and no traffic on the GWB?

Anonymous said...

i posted on grace walk :-)

what a great trip...
you sure covered a lot of ground!

Ed G. said...

paul - and we didn't even have EZ Pass!