Thursday, May 29, 2008


that's what I've been saying to God for a while now.


wilsonian said...

On the other side of the world, it's tomorrow now.


Anonymous said...

i wonder why do you feel that way?

i wonder what God is asking you for?

can you tell me? i just wonder. i feel that God is calling for more of me to bring me closer to Him... to bring me on down the path toward Him. like he is saying..."now... nancy, keep your eyes on me to get you over the rough places and to stay in relationship with me and with others in the way you i need you to. you need to put your full trust in me now... and not be afraid to speak the words i need you to speak, and live the life i need for you to live."

i am walking on broken glass, but it will not cut me if i keep my eyes and heart on God.

Kansas Bob said...

Tomorrow is okay but all we really have is today.

Hope things are well with you Ed.

Blessings, Bob

Anonymous said...

i am gonna bug you until you post.

wilsonian said...

Nancy, you're good :)