Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pray, click, delete.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with the game FreeCell, a game that comes preloaded on every PC sold these days. I would tell myself, “this is a good way to exercise the mind… get the blood flowing in the morning." But I would often find myself going back for a FreeCell fix time and time again.

Phone ringing? Load up FreeCell while on the call. Waiting for the printer to print? Time for FreeCell! Dinner waiting at home? Oh, we still have time for one more game. Okay, maybe two.

Time out. Is this the plans the Lord has for me? Training to become the national FreeCell Champion? Will honing my skills… how to get the red nine over to the black ten… really advance God’s Kingdom? Time for action. So I just deleted FreeCell from my hard drive. Gone. More time for work, family, community, God.

Easy, huh? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could tackle all of our shortfalls this way. Alcohol? Hit the delete button. Porn? Into the recycle bin (shred that one). Those extra donuts… those hurtful words… those worldly ambitions. Click. Gone.

I may sound naïve, but I believe we have that power – to put our sinful ways in a place where they are off our desktops – in a place where we can’t retrieve them. Maybe it’s not as simple as a drag and drop – but prayer and daily devotion can do wonders. God can intercede and take action even with our most compulsive behaviors if only we ask – and let Him in.


trace said...

I agree. I'm grateful for free will and choice. But sometimes it takes a lot of courage and strength to move in God's direction vs. my own. One of the reasons why we need to live in community....

Rodrigo said...

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Tony Myles said...

I am a spider solitaire freak when it's late and night... I must get more sleep than I do.